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More facts about j-labs

We are technological company providing high-level teams and single specialists to support your IT projects.

We are IT engineers who understand your project and its requirements

j-labs was founded and is still being led by IT engineers with 10+ years experience. We want to be your trustworthy long term technological partner.

Narrow specialization Java / .NET / QA

We operate in narrow technology stacks therefore can guarantee our engineers are fully verified – both experience and knowledge wise.

We are active member of Java / .NET communities endeavours.

What we believe in

  • People
  • Reliability
  • Responsibility
  • Simple rules
  • Widespread vision

What we aspire to

Building solid technological competences along with learning Your project’s scope to fully utilize our engineers’ skills in the long run.

Members of the board

Jan Orzechowski

Chairman of the Board, CEO

Jan Orzechowski - Chairman of the Board, CEO

AGH University of Science and Technology graduate (EAIiE department). Since 1998 Jan had been working in e-commerce field as Business Analyst, Project Manager and member of the board. Since 2008 along with Piotr Bucki he has been developing j-labs. Jan is responsible for operational, sales and finance departments. A keen biker, beekeeper and hunter.

Piotr Bucki

Member of the Board, CTO

Piotr Bucki - Member of the Board, CTO

AGH University of Science and Technology graduate (EAIiE department). Peter had been developing application in Java language for seven years, which led him to become technical leader and consultant in terms of IT systems security. He has been with j-labs since the very beginning, taking care of talents acquisition, providing help in further development, technological assessment and PR. He is an avid member of j-labs c67 cycling team.


In j-labs we believe social responsibility of business stands for a state of balance between particular business goal and the mark it leaves on the closest world: employees, local community and natural environment. Hence j-labs is sharing its success by:

  • Both professional and personal development of our employees through our personal, dedicated training budget for each of us
  • Taking part in IT oriented events organization, e.g. JUG, KGD and OWASP, along with conferences JDD, Geecon, PAM Summit
  • Taking part in IT organizations endeavours (ASPIRE) and contributing to their growth (IIBA)
  • Providing best possible health service for our employees (LuxMed healt service cards)
  • Supporting initiatives keeping one fit: inside the company by introducing all employees to the Multisport programme, outside the company by supporting our own cycling team j-labs c67
  • Helping Foundation for Support of Modjeska's Life and Art Research
  • In our vicinity j-labs lends helping hand to Special Purpose School and Education Centre nr 6 in Krakow, which runs integrated school and kindergarten
  • Helping animals survive winter by financing deer feeders
  • Honestly paying taxes in Poland
  • From 3 years j-labs financially supports St. Lazarus Hospice in Cracow

j-labs is a member of ASPIRE and co-funder of Malopolska IT Cluster MakeIT

j-labs engages in endeavours supporting Krakow IT environment. We actively take part in IT related conferences and meetings, e.g. . Java Users Group (JUG), Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), Krakowska Grupa Developerów (KGD), Project & Analysis Management Summit (PAM Summit), International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). Constantly increasing our share in the IT business growth, j-labs joins initiatives run by ASPIRE, an association comprising prominent IT, BPO/SSC companies operating in Małopolskie Voivodeship region.

Other ASPIRE members are Sabre Holdings, Akamai, Motorola, UBS, Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH).

Working in ASPIRE midst we bring forth solutions and standards to be used in our enterprises, as well as try to find places of Krakow IT business improvement.

Malopolska IT Cluster MakeIT is a community of enterprises operating in a new technologies area. j-labs is one of a Cluster initiators. Cluster in our vision is a place, where ambitious IT companies can find a platform for sharing experiences, develop common activities (specially international) and where new business ideas are arising. Cracow Business Park is coordinator of a Cluster.