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Choose j-labs, choose more possibilities!


    Many sectors - many projects

  • We have a wide range of clients, hence we can match you to the best project in line with your expectations and experience.
    Working as our Consultant you can take part in different projects in various sectors such as: banking, finance, automation, engineering, manufacturing and aerospace industries.
  • Many clients

  • Our Clinets’ portfolio is rich in well-known and prestigious companies, so you have chance to gain diverse and extensive experience.
  • Change project at j-labs

  • As our Employee you can change projects: within the current Client’s projects or migrate between our Clients. It is a great chance to develop your skills and learn about new industries, technologies and, what is most important, you can meet new talented people!
  • Conscious choice

  • After the interview at j-labs we will match you to the project, and familiarize you with it, so during the interview with our Client you know the scope of duties and technologies, hence you can focus on and inquire for more detailed pieces of information.
  • Exclusive Projects

  • Very often our Clients entrust us with exclusive projects to which they do not conduct an active recruitment process. This allows us to offer you something you will not find anywhere else!
  • Support and care

  • At j-labs we give you support throughout the whole recruitment process so that you have opportunity to prepare better for meetings with our clients.
    After interviews at j-labs a Recruiter dedicated to you prepares your professional CV and experience profile which highlight your strengths.
  • 3000 PLN for your development

  • At j-labs you have opportunity to take care of your professional development by means of real tool for development – 3000 PLN of training budget.
    Employees can decide what they need to spend money on, and can choose, among others: books, English, trainings, certifications or conferences.

Do you stay where you are?

Or do you choose
more opportunities
with j-labs?