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  • Devoxx Poland 2017!

    Devoxx Poland 2017!

    It's June - it's Devoxx Poland! On June 21st–23rd, we are sharing our knowledge in the biggest Java Conference.
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  • Confitura 2017 Silver Sponsor

    Confitura 2017 Silver Sponsor

    We are going to be a Silver Sponsor of Confitura 2017:  one of the biggest Java conferences in Poland. It is an event created by Java community members for Java community members.
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  • Testing Cup 2017 - Silver Sponsor

    Testing Cup 2017 - Silver Sponsor

    j-labs is a Silver Sponsor of Testing Cup so we spend two fantasting days in Gdańs.  Testing Cup is an event which combines a championship and a conference. We have a lot of inspiring meetings at our booth.


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  • Workshop in Warsaw

    Workshop in Warsaw

    As a technological partner of our clients for many years, j-labs consists of experts whose thorough knowledge allows expertise in many technological areas. We want to share this knowledge openly which is why we organized workshops.
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  • CyberForum


    From 2017 we are a member of the CyberForum - a non-profit organization based in Karlsruhe - the largest hightech business network in Europe. On May 31 we took part in InfoMarkt - a meeting with the presentation of CyberForum new members.

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  • Workshop j-labs | Challenges with changes in frontend technology

    Workshop j-labs | Challenges with changes in frontend technology

    June the 1st we were in Qubus Hotel where Jakub Marchwicki and Krzysztof Kaczmarek are talking about challenges with changes in frontend technology during workshop j-labs. The room was full of participats.
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