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From monolih to microservices - workshop in Munich.

As a technological partner of our clients for many years, j-labs consists of experts whose thorough knowledge allows expertise in many technological areas. We want to share this knowledge openly which is why we would like to invite you to ourworkshop „From the monolith to microservice - the bumpy road to implement microservice architecture."

The participants will learn about the kind of improvements which may be expected by an organization implementing microservice, the conditions that need to be met, and the kind of challenges the implementation may pose. They will also become acquainted with the technological aspects of architecture based on microservice, such as configuration management and service detection, centralization of log management, system monitoring, and application security.  
As our speakers, we have invited Jarosław Pałka: an acclaimed programmer, architect, manager, and speaker at national conferences; and Łukasz Mróz: full-stack developer at j-labs.

We gladly invite you to participate!

Agenda and registration is HERE.

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