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j-labs Cyber Camp


Online integration.

Like every company at the current time, we also faced the challenge of organizing an integration meeting.

Fortunately, spending time together is not only possible offline! We all deserved a bit of fun and escape from everyday life, that’s why… we met online!

We had some concerns as to whether our annual Backoffice Team Integration Meeting would be successful remotely. Will the participants get involved and, above all, will they be satisfied with the form of the meeting. The effects … exceeded our wildest expectations. 😊

In our activities, we were assisted by an external company that supported us throughout the entire preparation stage, as well as conducted the entire meeting.

During the day full of attractions, we could count on:

  • team games – virtual Escape Room, straight from the House of Paper,
  • individual struggles – a multimedia quiz that tested our knowledge, not only in the area of ​​online security,
  • presents,
  • tasty surprises for everyone,
  • awards for the best!

Additionally, October is the European Cybersecurity Month, so in this year’s j-people Camp we moved to the online world! The virtual world has long since become as important as the real one. It is a place where we spend more and more time, it is also a treasury of knowledge and inspiration. Unfortunately, we must remember that it is also a habitat of various kinds of threats. Thanks to online integration, we checked if we knew how to take care of our online safety, and having fun together, teamwork, integration, 1000% of participants’ involvement, their smiles – turned out to be invaluable. 😊


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    j-labs Cyber Camp

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