We are proud to announce that j-labs once again have been recognized in the Business Gazelles ranking, thus we have found ourselves in the prestigious group of the most dynamic Polish enterprises in the sector of Small and Medium Enterprises.

We are very happy! Thank you!

More about the 20th Edition of the “Business Gazelles” ranking at this link https://www.pb.pl/gazele/o-rankingu/

We are proud to announce that #jlabs has joined the Pro Progressio club members, which supports the development of entrepreneurship in Poland!

The Pro Progressio Club is the Foundation’s project that gathers entities and organizations form the outsourcing and shared services sector as well as their direct and indirect surroundings. The Club provides the opportunity to increase industry-related knowledge and obtain information regarding new nearshoring and offshoring projects.

On March 14, we celebrated the official opening of our new headquarter in the Focus office building. This event was not only an opportunity to meet with co-employees, but also to discover talents in card games.

The goal of the workshop is to share knowledge about real life applications and challenges of microservice technology and latest developments in DLT/Blockchain space and how to leverage it to improve or create new business models.

We gladly invite you to participate!


First block – Microservice architecture – is it something for me?

• microservice architecture – your project friend in the long run (gains over monolith)
• the benefits of microservices you may not know about
• headaches with microservices, are they really so scary – how to deal with them
• security comes first – how it looks in microservices
• What is it and what is it for? – CQRS
• Become more advanced with eventsourcing

Speaker: Paweł Staufer-Kamiński

Software engineer and architect with over 11 years’ experience in building solution for finance, media and gambling industry. A great enthusiast of REST and microservice architecture. Man with pragmatic and positive approach to whatever he’s doing. Currently working with Nitrobox on building REST API based, microservice platform for Order-To-Cash processes.


Second block – Bringing Distributed Ledger Technology to the Enterprise

• An in-depth comparison of modern blockchain architectures and consensus models
• Real life smart contract use cases
• Challenges of blockchain digital transformation
• Implementation risks, failures, and compromises

Speaker: Paweł Pinio

Solution architect with strong experience in building fault-tolerant, scalable systems. He began his career working on SAP ERP systems and from there he moved to coding bespoke insurance quote engines and healthcare management solutions. He then moved into interdisciplinary consulting which allowed him to work for various enterprise clients, including Pearson, HMS Host (Autogrill) or Shaw Communications. As a CTO, Paweł helped build first blockchain startup in Kraków, getting to know the ins and outs of Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, smart contract development, and consumer-oriented blockchain applications. His most recent work revolves around the notion of decentralized identity, transaction anonymity and digital transformation of businesses through the appliance of permissioned blockchain networks.

Join our free-of-charge workshop on 24th of January in Hamburg!  If you want to participate please contact: Martin Konieczny or Bartosz Rybski.

In the 19th edition of the ranking, we took 21 place in Lesser Poland province and  231 in Poland, out of almost 4500 companies – https://www.pb.pl/gazele/gazela/26660

The award ceremony will take place on March 11th in Warsaw.

The end of the year was very intense for our Warsaw branch. At the end of December, the office changes its address and starts operating in a new place. From the New Year you will find us at the new address:

Focus Building
Al. Armii Ludowej 26
00-609 Warsaw

Our employees have now almost 1000 sq m of space for work, meetings, entertaitment, and even a place to exercise.

Once we settle in you are welcome to visit us and see what one of the coolest offices in Krakow looks like? 🙂


The idea for the company was theoretically simple: on the one hand, there are companies that need programmers in a flexible way – for two months or a year. On the other hand, there are people who value the opportunity to work in various projects, and at the same time expect stability.

What, then, makes us extraordinary? Reliability, or an innovative approach to non-innovative business. First of all, we’ve invested in people. We employ all of us on a permanent basis, because each employee creates a business relationship: we have a project to do, a budget for its implementation, and the programmer has his own needs and skills. If these things agree, it comes to employment and cooperation.

Second – Jan and Piotr are engineers. They built a company that are mostly consists of people from HR. In j-labs, the first language is the language of technology, we understand the needs of specialists and we are able to meet them.

Three years ago, we began expansion into new markets – apart from the head office in the industrial part of Krakow, we have an office in the center of Warsaw and a sales office in Munich, from which we source projects from clients from Germany, Sweden and the USA.

In recent years, we have achieved an average increase of 50% per year – which means that the best developers are constantly joining us. For this result, we were awarded the Forbes Diamond – we took the 3rd place for over 100 awarded companies.

Today, after 10 years of existence of j-labs, we are changing our corporate identity.

We have simplified the logotype, changed the colors, welcome you to our new website. This change is an important step for the company.

Why we have decided for that? We are dynamic and modern, we are perfectly in the latest trends. At the same time, we are already a mature company, we have 10 years of experience behind us – we know where we are going. For years, we have the same values: technology, substantive approach, reliability. We want our image to correspond to it,

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