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About project

The certificate issuer -IHK- issues a digital version of the certificate as well as a paper version. The document should be archived by the issuer and made available to the graduate through a download portal. The hash value (sha3-256) calculated for each file, is stored in a Blockchain Smart Contract using an API. Once saved, data can no longer be modified or deleted.
Certificate validity can be checked by calculating the hash value again and comparing it with the values stored.
If a document becomes invalid, it can be marked as such.


The client

The IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria – the biggest chamber of commerce and industry in Germany having about 390.000 member companies. The IHK is also one of the biggest corporate networks in Europe.

  • Industry: Goverment
  • Country: Germany

We delivered


 stack-based on Atlassian, launched with Jenkins

E2E Tests

with integration testing, using Sonarqube to check test coverage

Agile development

customer education and implementation of  Scrum methodology

Full development team

with a full spectrum of skills (Backend, Frontend, Devops)

The influence

of the team, participation in shaping the functionality of the resulting product

Project scope


  • Integration with 3rd party services
  • Application performance
  • Reliability (100% code coverage by tests)
  • Blockchain implementation in the project
  • Security


  • Scaling and microservice architecture
  • Implementation of application monitoring
  • Introducing cloud tools (circut breaker)
  • Use of Ethereum


  • Java 11

  • Ethereum (web3j)

  • Spring Boot

  • Angular 10

  • Docker

  • Vagrant & Terraform

“Blockchain technology as a distributed and transparent database is a perfect framework for the Digital Transformation of Germany’s federal system. Together with our partners we aim to make fully digital application processes, i.e. at universities or vocational schools, possible without the need for an attested paper copy.”

Armin Barbalata

Managing Director Digital transformation & IT services, IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria

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