Order-to-cash platform

About project

The client provides a flexible finance and accounting platform, which enables management and automation of financial processes. Mainly focused on Order-to-Cash process. Microservice architecture, with ability for an easy integration with other systems. 


The client
A German Fintech start-up which grew into a major player for the automotive market. The product that it creates – automates and optimizes digital payments, billing and accounting processes. 
  • Industry: Fintech
  • Country: Germany

We delivered

rewritten the existing platform into microservices architecture

cloud ready & environment agnostic

3 services exposing API’s

Billing, Accounting and Payments.  

Test automation

j-labs engineers as a part of architectural team

setting up the base for future of platform

Project scope


  • Client oriented development, 
  • Fast changing 
  • Cloud environment agnostic, 
  • Soft switch from monolyth to microservices.  


  • 3 domain-specific exposed APIs,
  • microservices architecture with event bus for account specific procedures


  • Java,
  • Spring Boot, 
  • Azure+AWS,
  • Docker,
  • MySQL, RSQL, ActiveMQ 

“The cooperation started with just 1 Java Developer and quickly grew to over 10 engineers. Thanks to our deep interest in making the client successful, we were able to gain great trust and build long lasting engagement.”

Martin Konieczny

Business Development Manager, j-labs

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