Podcast Monetizing Platform

About project

Main focus of our cooperation is on ‘premium content’ – podcasters can publish content available only to listeners that pay. J-Labs engineers also worked in teams responsible for advert management and admin portal.
The client
One of the leaders in the world of podcasts. Goal of the client is to provide best podcasting platform for everyone: for listeners, publishers, and also advertisers.
  • Industry: E-commerce
  • Country: Sweden

We delivered

Team extension

Creating an innovative approach
of publishing a paid (premium) podcast content.

Implementing an option to donate podcasters
during the coronavirus pandemia

Project scope


  • Allow listeners topay for subscriptions to receive premium content
  • Allow podcasters to publish premium content
  • Online payment systems integrations
  • Payments to podcasters


  • Podcast platform with functionality: premium content


  • React,
  • node.js,
  • Docker,

When the client gave us trust and included us in work on his innovative product, we knew that there was a unique opportunity for us. Nobody had such a product, and the podcast market was still very young and had plenty of room for new ideas. We feel great satisfaction that we could take part in this undertaking.

Marek G.

Delivery Manager, j-labs

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