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About project

Development of a Customer Portal. It mostly consists of SMS product, allowing end-users to browse for messages, go through analytics data, see the pricing plans, make payments and integrate with APIs (XMS / SMPP for example). It has account management feature, one user can be a member of many accounts (proper name would be “projects”). 

The client
Leading world-wide vendor of cloud communications services for the enterprise sector, voice and video communications services and software solutions. The company operates word-wide, with offices in over 30 cities. On average, it holds roughly 30% of the word-wide sms market. 
  • Industry: Telco
  • Country: Sweden

We delivered


Complete monorepo / micro-frontend scalable architecture

Full CI / CD workflow

in Gitlab for MPA / SPA apps 

E2E tests

using Cypress (critical paths coverage) 

Multiple Cloud Self-Serve features

e.g. Message Editor for RCS / WhatsApp and other channels, Payments system, Short code campaigns

20+ FE devs 

3 years ago we started from only one FE dev

Design System solution

for keeping consistency across products with well-thought components used as building blocks 

Project scope


  • Intuitive user interface 
  • Scalability 
  • Integration with otherproducts 


  • Usability tests, A/B testing 
  • Monorepo 


  • React,
  • Redux, 
  • GraphQL,
  • Apollo,
  • TypeScript,
  • Other: Flow.js, Styled Components, Jest, StoryShots, Storybook

„I have joined j-labs 3 years ago as the first Frontend Engineer working for this customer. They have put a lot of trust in us and right now we have more than 20 Frontend Engineers in different areas and projects.”

Adrian B.

Team Leader, j-labs

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