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About project

Verification product is used inside mobile applications to prove the telephone number provided by the user. When such number is provided, Verification SDK is used to make a quick call or SMS to this number. Information about this event is not visible to end user.


The client
Leading world-wide vendor of cloud communications services for the enterprise sector, voice and video communications services and software solutions. The company operates word-wide, with offices in over 30 cities. On average, it holds roughly 30% of the word-wide sms market. 
  • Industry: Telco
  • Country: Sweden

We delivered

taken over

development of existing platform 

development of new version of platform

on technology stack proposed by j-labs


we piloted the onboarding of first clients to new version of platform

Project scope


  • High load,
  • Instances all over the globe,
  • High performing solution,
  • Soft switch from old solution to new one.


  • Stable and efficient technologies (.NET),
  • Well-prepared deployments plan,
  • Step-by-step new clients onbording.


  • AWS IaaS,
  • .NET FW,
  • Redis,
  • ELK,

„Creating of this .NET team was done literaly “by the book” we started with TL, who was joined by Senior and QA and then added regular Developers. Taking the time allowed for seamless developer integration and good team atmosphere.

Martin Konieczny

Business Development Manager, j-labs

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