Transport Management App

About project

Mobile Application (for Android and iOS) for truck drivers. Shows all the tours and shipments given truck is responsible to make, also sends events about progress to other systems (like IoT)
The client
A global logistics company from Germany. Our client uses land, air and sea transport to provide logistics services.
  • Industry: E-commerce
  • Country: Germany

We delivered

Team extension

Our Android developer joined the client’s team

Implementing use cases

specific to the Scandinavian logistics market

Project scope


  • Solution for both internal drivers and external Logistics providers
  • Integration with multiple client’s system, offering different services
  • Adjusting the visibility of services and application views according to the country and the type of delivery
  • Hybrid platform (iOS + Android)



    • Mobile app written in Kotlin Native (to make it run both on Android and iOS). User interface with ability to customize views according to the country requirements. Integration with the microservice backend.


    • Kotlin,
    • Retrofit,
    • Koin,
    • Protobuf,
    • Other: Firebase, Swift, Core Data, Alamofire, Usabilla

    ” A relatively small client’s department we were cooperating with, has a goal to push the whole organization into the direction of modern IT-based Industry 4.0. The idea of creating a new mobile application for truck drivers was a step to achieve this goal.

    Marek G.

    Delivery Manager, j-labs

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