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  • Step into the Kotlin coding world... with a cookbook 😊 Our e-book will guide you through the secrets of building web applications using Spring Boot in the Kotlin language.

Kotlin CookBook

Łukasz Angulski
Introduction to writing web applications using Spring Boot with Kotlin.
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Don't judge a book by its cover, it's what's inside that matters

What will you find there?

  1. In the first step, we will create a simple application skeleton.
  2. Next, we will implement a REST API to create, edit, and delete recipes.
  3. Then, we’ll integrate the app with a database to store all the recipes.
  4. Finally, we’ll expand the app by adding ingredients to recipes.

Author of the ebook


I’m a Java programmer with many years of experience. I began my education in computer science at the University of Gdańsk in 2006.

During my studies, I started my first job in the industry. Over the years, I gained experience in the insurance, FinTech, and consulting sectors.

I continuously expand my knowledge in the field of technology related to the Java ecosystem and backend applications.

Łukasz Angulski

What do experts say about CookBook?

  • In my opinion, a good audience for such an e-book would be anyone who wants to start their journey in developing REST web services.

    Additionally, the most popular framework currently used for Java/Kotlin backend development is Spring Boot, so a novice potentially learns a tool that can be realistically applied in their work.

    The successful completion of the e-book requires familiarity with the language (in this case, Kotlin) and a basic understanding of Spring.

    Dariusz Szaferski

    Reviewer of the CookBook
  • Thanks to a very well-structured presentation, it is easy to navigate to the sections that interest us.

    The author doesn't focus solely on presenting source code. He extensively explains ideas and concepts related to the development of web applications: CRUD, basics of the HTTP protocol, design of REST APIs.

    There's also a description of the necessary tools to start working. Łukasz explains precisely what results from what. We get a complete picture and rich context. This allows a completely beginner to be guided step by step without having to refer to other sources of knowledge, while an experienced programmer quickly navigates to the sections of interest.

    Paweł Weselak

    Guild Master of Kotlin