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New article Flyway Java Spring

Flyway migrations with Spring

Flyway is a simple, yet powerful database migrations tool that allows you to easily manage and develop your database. With great support for many frameworks, including Spring, and vast adaptability, it's definitely worth checking out.
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New article REST Java API

API-first with the Open API Generator

The API-first approach facilitates effective cooperation in server-client projects, while having API-related models and services separate and configured in simple YAML files helps keeping a neat project structure. With the powerful Open API generator tool, such configurations can be later transformed into production-ready code.
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New article HTTP Java Machine Learning

Creating declarative HTTP clients with Feign

The declarative way of dealing with resources has become very popular especially in case of database data - with Spring Data JPA as a good example. But what about web resources i.e. RESTful services? Shouldn't operating on web data be as clean and easy as creating JpaRepository? Netflix's Feign is a good response for this question.
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Tools Java Backend API REST

Your first Quarkus application

your first Quarkus application can be challenging since getting familiar with new libraries and therefore changing your habits can make you feel lost and clueless. […]
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Front-end Angular

Observables – What is it? And how to use it in your code

This article introduces observables in Angular, explaining their role in handling asynchronous data streams. It covers the creation of observables, subscribing to them, applying operators for transformation and filtering, error handling, and unsubscription. Additionally, it includes a section on testing observables using fakeAsync for writing synchronous-looking tests for asynchronous code. By leveraging observables and RxJS, developers can enhance the responsiveness and efficiency of their Angular applications.
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Front-end Angular

Angular: Components, Directives and Pipes – How to properly create and test them

This article offers a practical guide to creating and testing components, directives, and pipes in Angular. It covers their definitions, code examples, and testing techniques using Angular's testing framework. By following this guide, developers can effectively utilize these Angular features for building robust and reliable applications.
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API React hook JavaScript Front-end React

How to use the useEffect hook with the AbortController

The AbortController interface provides a way to cancel ongoing asynchronous operations. When combined with React's useEffect hook, AbortController allows us to effectively manage asynchronous requests and prevent memory leaks.
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JavaScript Debugging

How to debug JavaScript code in a browser?

Debugging is an essential skill for every JavaScript developer. It involves the process of identifying and fixing errors, bugs, and unexpected behavior in your code. Effective debugging techniques not only save time but also improve code quality and enhance overall development productivity.
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Java Mockito

Mocks, stubs and spies in unit testing based on Mockito

Have you ever heard about mocks, stubs or spies? In this article I will present all of these test doubles and discuss the differences between them.
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Front-end Angular

Angular Signals – a new way of change detection

This article is the first look into the concept of Signals in Angular. It explores Signals API followed by some simple examples to understand why and how we should use Signals in our daily developer's work.
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