Real Time Telemetry

About project

Goal of the platform is to integrate multiple different mobile sensors into the client’s ecosystem. Sensors provide important information about the shipment state (like: location, temperature, humidity) in real time, as events. Events are then accumulated in the platform, and  provided to customers.
The client
A global logistics company from Germany. Our client uses land, air and sea transport to provide logistics services.
  • Industry: E-commerce
  • Country: Germany

We delivered

Team extension

7 engineers that extend the client’s team,
being the majority of developers working on this project

Implementation of a microfrontends architecture
in the project

Project scope


  • Integration with multiple device providers
  • Measurement of multiple different parameters simultaneously
  • Processing and aggregation of huge amount of events, presenting aggregated results to the customers
  • Raising alerts in case of unexpected situations (e.g. delayed shipment, inproper humidity, device shock)


  • Platform enabling receiving of events from multiple device types, and a web application for monitoring of shipments. Microservice architecture. Whole solution heavily integrated into existing solutions, e.g. transport management systems, mobile application for drivers.


  • Java,
  • Spring Boot,
  • AWS,
  • Kubernetes,
  • DynamoDB,
  • Other: Kafka, PostgreSQL, Docker, TypeScript, Angular, Yarn

” This project is simply a good investment. Client knew exactly the market need, and also was aware that the competition does not have such solution. The aproach to use Iot devices is very attractive both to engineers and to final users, who get a centainty about ordered shipments.

Marek G.

Delivery Manager, j-labs

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