SMS portal – enterprise communication

The j‑labs professionals have created a cloud-based platform for extended SMS communication, built on a new framework based on Java, Kotlin and React.

Java, Spring/Boot, Kotlin, gRPC, Kafka, React, JavaScript, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS
Implementation period


Development of a tool called ‘Customer Portal’, which mainly consists of an SMS product. It enables end users to:

  • viewing messages,
  • viewing analytical data,
  • viewing tariff plans,
  • making payments and integration with APIs (for example XMS / SMPP).
  • has an account management feature (one user can be a member of multiple accounts).


Sinch is a global provider of cloud-based voice and video communication solutions for enterprises (Real Time Communication). The company has been in the telecommunications business for 14 years and has offices in more than 30 cities. It covers around 30% of the global SMS market with its operations. It currently handles text, voice and video messages and 145 billion interactions per year.

Company size
Cooperation start date
July 2017


  • Creating a scalable tool with an intuitive interface.
  • The tool must work with other systems.

„The partner is satisfied with the high level of expertise and overall engagement. j‑labs software specialists implements a seamless project management style and consistently meets expectations. Transparency and flexibility are hallmarks of their high-quality work.”

Peter Dearman, Director of Engineering SMS, Sinch

j-labs implementation

  • Complete and scalable monorepo/microfronted architecture.
  • Full CI/CD workflow in Gitlab for MPA/SPA apps.
  • E2E testing with Cypress (depletion of critical paths in the process).
  • Many automated self-service features in the cloud, e.g. message editor for RCS, WhatsApp, and payment system, among others.
  • Design of system solutions to maintain consistency between multiple systems in Sinch – blockchain component building.
  • Projects assume further expansion and addition of new features.

The cooperation between Sinch and j‑labs relies on the teams complementing each other. The j‑people lead the stand-ups and are part of the product enhancement process they implement. Sinch manages projects, drives the delivery plan and roadmap. With our Delivery Managers communicating seamlessly with the Partner’s business, we resolve any issues on an ongoing basis, discuss and build relationships based on trust, transparency and a shared desire to improve. This co-operation ensures that we understand our customers’ needs and commitments, know what their teams need and will provide the right level of expertise from our professionals.


j-labs has been a Sinch Technology Partner since 2017. The experts refactor many older components that were written in PHP. They are creating a new framework for Sinch based on Java and Kotlin (backend) and React (frontend). The SMS team includes 14 j‑labs experts and Sinch staff (there are more than 50 j‑people across Sinch). The j‑labs engineers work in 4 separate teams:

Price&Cost (independent team on the j‑labs side):

  • 1x Tech Lead
  • 2x Expert Developer
  • 3x Senior Developer
  • 1x Expert QA


  • 3x Expert Developer

Platform Provisioning:

  • 1x Expert Developer
  • 1x Senior Developer

Client Services:

  • 2x Senior Developer

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