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j-labs for Circle K | Case study

Starting from 2015 j-labs have been participating in projects developed by CircleK Europe. J-labs collaborated and participated in the development of various cloud native microservice architecture together with other technical teams from CircleK Europe in the areas of retail, loyalty and cards.

This cooperation included automation, UI and API development deliverables following the strategic goal and technical direction set by CircleK Europe of transforming various monolithic legacy applications. J-labs is committed and will continue to support the client in the rocky road to Microservices and enterprise transformation through supplying very best engineers that embodies craftsmanship and agility.

Microservices workshop


I would like once again to thank you for organizing workshop and invitation for it. Our developer, who had the opportunity to take part in meeting, highly praised both the substantive content and the way it was conducted. In our projects we will use the raised knowledge. I do not hide the fact that we have an appetite for more.


Arkadiusz Kowalewski, Chief Technical Officer, SKK S.A.

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