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DSL Kotlin

Kotlin DSL for Google Sheets

Introduction Most software developers are specialized in one or two general-purpose programming languages, like Java, C, or PHP. This technology separates them unequivocally across companies, job positions, projects, and […]
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All you need to know about virtual machines (VM’s)

Introduction You use macOS, but you need to run project on Windows, or you need more than two, three or even more operating systems on […]
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Cypress JavaScript Selenium

Modern GUI Testing with Cypress: An In-Depth Look

In this article we will look at the advantages of using Cypress, a modern end-to-end testing framework, for automated GUI testing in web applications in this article. We will compare Cypress to its competitor, Selenium, emphasizing the benefits of Cypress's architecture, language support, real-time reloading, debugging capabilities, and reduced test flakiness.
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A step-by-step guide to setting up Playwright and understanding its advantages over Cypress and Selenium

This article provides a description of Microsoft's Playwright, a modern testing framework, as well as its advantages over popular competitors such as Cypress and Selenium. It emphasizes Playwright's primary advantages, such as broad browser compatibility, API consistency, speed and reliability, network interception, and auto-wait features.
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JavaScript Redux

Redux-Saga – handling asynchronous actions in Redux

Redux-Saga is a powerful library that enables writing complex asynchronous tasks in a simple, declarative way. This article attempts to show the basic use cases of it.
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Apache Lucene Atlas Search DB MongoDB

Atlas Search

Introduction If an application has some kind of search functionalities with a modern like and feel it usually has functionalities such as: So these are the functionalities […]
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JSON Web Token handling with Rest Assured

JSON Web Token is a very popular way of securing web applications and APIs. This article is a basic guide of how to handle JWT and create simple test cases with the Rest Assured library.
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Flyway Java Spring

Flyway migrations with Spring

Flyway is a simple, yet powerful database migrations tool that allows you to easily manage and develop your database. With great support for many frameworks, including Spring, and vast adaptability, it's definitely worth checking out.
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API-first with the Open API Generator

The API-first approach facilitates effective cooperation in server-client projects, while having API-related models and services separate and configured in simple YAML files helps keeping a neat project structure. With the powerful Open API generator tool, such configurations can be later transformed into production-ready code.
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HTTP Java Machine Learning Microservices

Creating declarative HTTP clients with Feign

The declarative way of dealing with resources has become very popular especially in case of database data - with Spring Data JPA as a good example. But what about web resources i.e. RESTful services? Shouldn't operating on web data be as clean and easy as creating JpaRepository? Netflix's Feign is a good response for this question.
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