Java Spring boot

Why Quarkus should not be considered as another Spring clone

Quarkus is still considered a new player in town and not everyone is familiar with the possibilities it gives. In this article we will try to show the developers how Quarkus differs from Spring Boot and how they can benefit from the usage of this framework for their upcoming projects.
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Java REST Spring boot Tests

Fault Tolerance with Resilience4j and Spring Boot

Microservice architecture by design needs and works well with Fault Tolerance mechanisms. It's necessary to avoid single points of failure, as well as ensure high availability and business continuity for critical parts of our system. Thankfully there are tools to achieve that in Spring Boot, of which very prominent is the Resilience4j library. In this article we will dive into this powerful yet intuitive tool.
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Gitlab Java Selenium Tests

Configuring Automated Testing with Selenium and Java in GitLab CI Pipeline with Allure Reporting

In this article, we are going to demonstrate how to project setup a GitLab CI pipeline for running automated tests with Selenium and Java, followed by generating Allure reports. By incorporating continuous integration and automated testing into the software development process, teams can maintain high code quality, streamline development, and quickly identify issues during testing. The article covers project setup, GitLab CI configuration, creating sample Selenium tests, and analyzing Allure reports. Adopting these practices can significantly enhance your software development workflow.
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Java Spring Cloud Contract

Contract testing as a way to help maintain system stability – Spring Cloud Contract

Introduction Currently microservices architecture is the most common way of creating systems. Because of that every developer in his everyday job encounters more than ever […]
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JSON Web Token handling with Rest Assured

JSON Web Token is a very popular way of securing web applications and APIs. This article is a basic guide of how to handle JWT and create simple test cases with the Rest Assured library.
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Flyway Java Spring

Flyway migrations with Spring

Flyway is a simple, yet powerful database migrations tool that allows you to easily manage and develop your database. With great support for many frameworks, including Spring, and vast adaptability, it's definitely worth checking out.
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API-first with the Open API Generator

The API-first approach facilitates effective cooperation in server-client projects, while having API-related models and services separate and configured in simple YAML files helps keeping a neat project structure. With the powerful Open API generator tool, such configurations can be later transformed into production-ready code.
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HTTP Java Machine Learning Microservices

Creating declarative HTTP clients with Feign

The declarative way of dealing with resources has become very popular especially in case of database data - with Spring Data JPA as a good example. But what about web resources i.e. RESTful services? Shouldn't operating on web data be as clean and easy as creating JpaRepository? Netflix's Feign is a good response for this question.
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API Backend Java REST Tools

Your first Quarkus application

your first Quarkus application can be challenging since getting familiar with new libraries and therefore changing your habits can make you feel lost and clueless. […]
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Java Mockito

Mocks, stubs and spies in unit testing based on Mockito

Have you ever heard about mocks, stubs or spies? In this article I will present all of these test doubles and discuss the differences between them.
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