Cypress JavaScript Selenium

Modern GUI Testing with Cypress: An In-Depth Look

In this article we will look at the advantages of using Cypress, a modern end-to-end testing framework, for automated GUI testing in web applications in this article. We will compare Cypress to its competitor, Selenium, emphasizing the benefits of Cypress's architecture, language support, real-time reloading, debugging capabilities, and reduced test flakiness.
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JavaScript Redux

Redux-Saga – handling asynchronous actions in Redux

Redux-Saga is a powerful library that enables writing complex asynchronous tasks in a simple, declarative way. This article attempts to show the basic use cases of it.
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API Front-end JavaScript React React hook

How to use the useEffect hook with the AbortController

The AbortController interface provides a way to cancel ongoing asynchronous operations. When combined with React's useEffect hook, AbortController allows us to effectively manage asynchronous requests and prevent memory leaks.
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API Debugging Front-end JavaScript React React hook

How to debug JavaScript code in a browser?

Debugging is an essential skill for every JavaScript developer. It involves the process of identifying and fixing errors, bugs, and unexpected behavior in your code. Effective debugging techniques not only save time but also improve code quality and enhance overall development productivity.
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How to lock objects in JavaScript

In JavaScript, the concept of locking objects refers to controlling their mutability and ensuring data integrity. By utilizing methods such as Object.preventExtensions, Object.seal, and Object.freeze, developers can set different levels of immutability and restrict property additions or deletions.
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