Java Microservices HTTP

Tworzenie deklaratywnych klientów HTTP z wykorzystaniem Feign

Deklaratywny sposób postępowania z zasobami stał się bardzo popularny, zwłaszcza w przypadku danych bazodanowych – dobrym przykładem jest Spring Data JPA. A co z zasobami sieciowymi, czyli usługami RESTful? Czy operowanie na danych internetowych nie powinno być tak czyste i łatwe, jak tworzenie JpaRepository? Netfliksowy Feign jest dobrą odpowiedzią na to pytanie.
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Tools Front-end Microservices Angular React

JHipster – from fast prototyping to production ready services

JHipster is an open source project created to speed up the development and deployment of web applications. Supported by almost 600 contributors – it’s a […]
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Front-end Microservices

A streaming layout service for front-end microservices

Tailor is a layout service created by the Zalando team as a part of Project Mosaic which provides a set of libraries that allow frontend developers to […]
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Microservices JVM Mictonaut

Introduction to Micronaut

It’s hard to say and calculate how many phones and computers are currently connected to the internet, considering the IoT devices that number is probably […]
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To microservice or not to microservice

Distributed systems have been around for a while. Since like 1970s we’ve been building applications with large scale in mind, and large availability. We went […]
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Python Microservices

Python meets microservice – useful tips based on experience

It is impossible nowadays to not hear about microservices. It’s so “buzzy” word that everyone is talking, writing and thinking about it – either developers […]
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Backend Front-end Microservices

gRPC over HTTP/2 or: How I learned to stop depending on REST and love gRPC

In today buzzword-oriented world, you don’t spend all of your precious time following all of the latest technologies. When creating APIs, you rarely think twice […]
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Java Microservices

The Microservices Architecture

The microservices architecture is definitely one of such trendy solutions that is widely considered, especially in new projects. Is it worth trying and what kind […]
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Agile Microservices

Agile way towards microservices

What if you know that you will need a microservice architecture, but you do not know how to divide your business requirements into small, independent […]
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