Java Quality Assurance Front-end Design Patterns

Building Selenium framework in java (part IV) – answer job interview questions like a pro

In my opinion, Software Developer in Test job interviews are one of the most demanding interviews in IT market. How come? Introduction It happens from time […]
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Mobile Design Patterns Functional Programming

Creating a lazily-evaluated builder-like API in Java 8 using the extended Step Builder pattern

Introduction The Builder design pattern is known and used widely. To begin with, it was created to provide a way to create new objects. Using […]
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Mobile Front-end Design Patterns

Publish/Subscribe model in JavaScript

Let’s figure out how we can use Observer pattern to build a very basic implementation of Events with public/subscribe methods based on usage of Ionic […]
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Java Mobile Design Patterns

Popular EIP Frameworks comparison

Introduction Enterprise Integration Patterns solves problems of enterprise application integration and message-oriented middleware. I recommend the book by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf where authors catalogued the […]
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Design Patterns

So let’s talk about creational design patterns

Design patterns are present probably in all the interviews for software development related positions, sometimes even on the junior level.
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Java Quality Assurance Design Patterns

Spock vs Junit with Mockito

Spock and JUnit are frameworks for unit testing of Java applications. Mockito is a well – known and stable library of mocking extensions for JUnit to write tests in Java language.
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