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Twoja pierwsza aplikacja Quarkus

Pisanie pierwszej aplikacji w Quarkusie może być wyzwaniem, ponieważ zapoznanie się z nowymi bibliotekami, a tym samym zmiana nawyków, może sprawić, że poczujesz się zagubiony […]
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GitLab pipelines

Recently, the CI/CD approach has been very popular. We are going to push albo deploy our changes to the environment as quickly as possible. Thanks […]
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Tools Linux GIT

Git – under the hood again

Here is a continuation of my older article about git. This time, I will talk about branches and HEAD (my personal horror until I understood its true […]
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Tools Front-end Microservices Angular React

JHipster – from fast prototyping to production ready services

JHipster is an open source project created to speed up the development and deployment of web applications. Supported by almost 600 contributors – it’s a […]
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Tools Databases

Docker networks

Docker has kept its popularity for quite a few years now (without surprise). Its success is based on many things like scalling, microservices and also […]
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Tools Front-end React

Quick look at Preact

As the growing advancement of web technologies, client web applications aim to provide user experience to as close as possible to the native applications (see […]
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Tools Linux GIT

GIT – under the hood

Most of us use git as a version control tool and it isn’t a surprise. It’s very useful but it has one drawback – we […]
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