Tools Front-end Microservices Angular React

JHipster – from fast prototyping to production ready services

JHipster is an open source project created to speed up the development and deployment of web applications. Supported by almost 600 contributors – it’s a […]
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Front-end Puppeter

Web scraping with Puppeteer – Quick Start

Puppeteer is a Node library from the Google Chrome team we can use to control a headless Chrome instance. With Puppeteer you can make screenshots, […]
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Front-end Microservices

A streaming layout service for front-end microservices

Tailor is a layout service created by the Zalando team as a part of Project Mosaic which provides a set of libraries that allow frontend developers to […]
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Tools Front-end React

Quick look at Preact

As the growing advancement of web technologies, client web applications aim to provide user experience to as close as possible to the native applications (see […]
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Front-end React React hook

UseEffect hook

If you want to fully switch from classes to functional components with hooks, you need to not only get the knowledge about handling state within […]
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Front-end Angular

Storybook for Angular – creating components library

Imagine a situation where you have a big monolith project and there’s a need to separate re-usable components throughout application or you’re starting a microfrontend […]
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Introduction to React hooks

React 16.8 introduced some new functionalities, one of which is _Hooks_. What are these? _Hooks_ are functions provided by React that let us hook into […]
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Simple Observable-based Store in Angular

Since Flux and Redux gained popularity, the approach to front-end architecture has changed drastically. The idea of a store with global application state, unidirectional data […]
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Mobile Front-end

Phone Authorization with Firebase and Ionic

Demand for web and mobile applications is still increasing. Developers nowadays don’t build whole systems from scratch since it’s time and cost consuming. With rise […]
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Modern, Clean and scalable CSS

Maintaining large-scale CSS codebase is a demanding task. In the era of complex component systems and unspecified requirements, this gets even harder – what solves […]
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