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Quality Assurance Front-end

Performance of modern JavaScript frameworks

Lots of developers when start building yet another JavaScript application do not think about important thing which is the web application performance. Let’s cover this significant aspect of software […]
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Functional Programming

Why I love Clojure?

Clojure language as one of the modern Lisp’s dialects was carefully designed with concurrency in mind. It enables you to communicate between many machines seamlessly. […]
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Java Microservices

The Microservices Architecture

The microservices architecture is definitely one of such trendy solutions that is widely considered, especially in new projects. Is it worth trying and what kind […]
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Mobile Front-end

TypeScript – why you should care

Introduction Building big web applications written in JavaScript is not a simple thing. We don’t have types, interfaces, enums etc. These features could be really […]
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Mobile Design Patterns Functional Programming

Creating a lazily-evaluated builder-like API in Java 8 using the extended Step Builder pattern

Introduction The Builder design pattern is known and used widely. To begin with, it was created to provide a way to create new objects. Using […]
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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

What are you, blockchain?

Actually, blockchain has become a buzzword associated with cryptocurrencies, but there is a lot more inside. Let’s take a deeper look on it.   Blockchain […]
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Time to refactor with C++17

In the following article I will present some examples of novelties for C++17, which can make your code more readable, faster and your life much easier. […]
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Agile Microservices

Agile way towards microservices

What if you know that you will need a microservice architecture, but you do not know how to divide your business requirements into small, independent […]
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Configuring Spring in Stand-Alone Apps

Here’s a quick lesson in bringing Spring Configuration classes and functionality to your own stand-alone apps in the event you need them. Spring is a […]
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Java Quality Assurance

Building Selenium framework in java (part III) – how do you fit Cucumber in there

In this article let me explain how I think Cucumber fits Selenium based test framework written in java. Introduction Honestly, until recently, I thought that […]
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