Cloud Java Databases

Heroku: add-ons, logs and monitoring

In a previous article I’ve introduced you to Heroku basics and deployed spring-boot-based application there. In the second part I will show you how to […]
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Java Mobile Design Patterns

Popular EIP Frameworks comparison

Introduction Enterprise Integration Patterns solves problems of enterprise application integration and message-oriented middleware. I recommend the book by Gregor Hohpe and Bobby Woolf where authors catalogued the […]
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Java Front-end

Spring Boot and Angular 2 #1

In this article I would like to show you how to create simple application with Spring Boot on server side and Angular 2 at a front-end. It is very good combination, proper for many types of projects.
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Java Quality Assurance Design Patterns

Spock vs Junit with Mockito

Spock and JUnit are frameworks for unit testing of Java applications. Mockito is a well – known and stable library of mocking extensions for JUnit to write tests in Java language.
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JSQL – easy way to test & maintain your SQL in Java

JSQL Parser is open source library developed under dual license: LGPL V2.1 and Apache Software License. Main responsibility of the framework is parsing of SQL […]
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Java Quality Assurance

Deep Equality in C# for Unit Testing

This article presents a short overview of methods of deep comparison between objects in Unit Tests.
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Java Quality Assurance

Given-When-Then pattern in unit tests

We can say that it is a style/template how we can describe some functionality (system behavior) in more readable and natural for human way.
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