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Cloud Spring

Spring Cloud Config

Spring Cloud Config is a project that offers support for externalized configuration in a distributed system for both client side and server side. At server […]
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Elasticsearch in Java projects – index and read documents

Nowadays market puts a huge demand for projects on efficient searching and analyzing capabilities of the big volume data. The answer on this is using […]
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Cloud Monitoring

Monitor your application with micrometer and Google Cloud Monitoring

Monitoring is an integral part of modern Site Reliability Engineering practices. In this article, you will learn how to apply monitoring to your application using […]
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Monitoring Linux

Bottlenecks identification with perf

This article presents how to easily profile a Linux system application with the perf tool. Additionally, you will learn how to visualize gathered data as […]
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Tools Linux GIT

Git – under the hood again

Here is a continuation of my older article about git. This time, I will talk about branches and HEAD (my personal horror until I understood its true […]
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Python Monitoring Machine Learning

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection is an important topic in computer science. This article presents a few most common approaches to this problem, and shows an example of […]
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Find a better solution with boost

Every C++ developer has at least heard of `Boost` which is probably the most commonly used set of external libraries in the C++ world. Every […]
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Advanced Concurrency in Java

The concurrent programming model in the Java language has changed significantly in the past years. From “green threads” to native thread support, from synchronized, blocking […]
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Tools Front-end Microservices Angular React

JHipster – from fast prototyping to production ready services

JHipster is an open source project created to speed up the development and deployment of web applications. Supported by almost 600 contributors – it’s a […]
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IaC Terraform DevOps

Resource dependencies and modularization in Terraform

If you haven’t had a chance to do it yet – have a look at my Introduction to Terraform article, where you will learn how to set […]
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